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Founder Series: Welcome to AnthroPod

  • AnthroPodVR 2505 North Lincoln Avenue Chicago, IL, 60614 United States (map)

"The only way you can invent tomorrow is if you break out of the enclosure that the school system has provided for you by the exams written by people who are trained in another generation."

          - Neil deGrasse Tyson 


     When I first had the idea to start this company, I was both extremely excited, and absolutely terrified. It is because of this extremely visceral reaction that I realized that I needed to embark upon this journey, hence AnthroPod was founded! AnthroPod is a combination of two terms that serve as the foundation of our company. The first being anthropology: the study of human societies and cultures, and their development. Pod: A self contained unit or vessel that has a particular function. We believe that the humanity of the tech should serve as the center of virtual reality. Our future development, interactions, and growth, are all to be significantly influenced by virtual reality, with virtual reality serving as the vessel of this exciting new future. Our name keeps us focused on this goal: a consistent effort to focus on how VR experiences help to improve the development of people, to study this, and to continue to find ways on how to improve it!

     We hope to cater to the wonderful people in Lincoln Park, as well as people in the Chicagoland area overall! We plan to offer everything from creative design software such as Quill and Medium, to professional health programs such as ShareCare VR and The Body. This will prove to be useful for students at the many schools across the Chicago land area in STEM and creative design, to experience a more engaging learning method and improving the learning potential within.  So for educators or education consultants, we hope to drive your efficiencies as well! We are also a place where people can just have fun! So we will also offer numerous titles that are simply a blast to play, such as the fast paced music rhythm title Beat Saber, and others.  

     We start this journey beginning on October 1st, at 2505 N. Lincoln Avenue, with pre-launches for our most close and staunch supporters (thank you all!). We are passionate, we are enthusiasts, we are focused, and most importantly, we are excited. These are exciting times, as disruptive technologies are seemingly being created multiple times every decade. For us, we aim to use VR to significantly change our education and our overall learning development. So stick around on our website, take a look at what we offer, and reach out to us for any other questions! Also, for even more, read the fantastic article on us by The Odyssey, written by Sanjna Malik. We hope that you join us along in this journey, and we'll see you there September 1st! 

Elijah Obasanya   

Founder and CEO