Virtual Reality (VR) - Chicago , IL


Explore our unforgettable top of the line virtual reality experiences. We offer software on both SteamVR and Oculus Rift platforms. Book your unforgettable entertainment experience below.


 Enter the Pod

Schedule an individual or group session in any
one of our Virtual Reality Pods 


Standard package

We offer experiences from top of the line manufactures such as HTC and Oculus, and more casual experiences seen in Google VR and others. Take a trip through a story as the main character in a horror movie, an astronaut in space, and any other experience your mind can imagine. Schedule a booking for yourself or with friends for the most exciting experience you will ever have!



  • Your choice of the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive

  • VR Experiences from numerous developers

  • Your own personal 10 x 15 foot VR POD for engaging experiences and user tracking.


Signature Sessions

Schedule any one of our pods for

our guided vr signature session nights.


Signature Sessions 

Signature sessions are limited time organized sessions based around certain themes and activities. Some range from space travel sessions to group painting, haunted houses, and more. Signature sessions are best with groups of 6 renting two booths. So bring your friends and have fun! 



  • Group Painting

  • Haunted House

  • Space Travel

    • And More



Schedule a corporate event at our location or
request a set up at your business


Corporate Sessions (COMING SOON - Schedule NOW) 

We offer corporate events at our location for VR events and social gatherings. We work with you to offer the best experience for you and your co-workers. In addition, we will soon offer our services to meet you in the comfort of your own business locale as well, after initial screening and approval.  



  • Corporate events and celebrations

  • Exclusive corporate set up

  • Hands on training with each VR software used.