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Explore top of the line educational virtual reality experiences! Flow through the aortic valve as a blood vessel, fly past Saturn and its rings in a spacecraft, or hold the DNA double helix within the palm of your hands! Learning STEM has never been this fun! Sign up now for early access to our software platform.

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An Immersive Education

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AnthroPod is passionate about reinvigorating our education system by implementing and integrating modern education methods with innovative technologies. Resulting in a cohesive education experience that allows students to be more engaged, have higher information retention, and perform better in their classes. We are dedicated to integrating with the already established curricula of teachers, as easily and as seamlessly as possible.


Our AnthroPod LABS sessions focus on using professional virtual reality technology to teach students subjects in STEM, including but not limited to: Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Geometry, Chemistry, Calculus, and more! Our facilitators are experienced VR specialists. We also incorporate the arts into our offerings as well! We develop close relationships with schools in order to modify and tailor this experience as schools see fit.



If you are a school, tutoring organization, educator, or involved in education in any way, and would like to reserve an AnthroPod LABS session for a one time field trip, feel free to book online here. If you would like to develop a comprehensive curriculum integrating professional virtual reality services into your school’s education, please email us at